TerminatorSite: The San Diego Chronicles, Part 3: Richard T. Jones & Brian Austin Green Interview

Following the Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles panel at this year's Comic-Con International in San Diego (where some spoilers were revealed to a packed crowd!), many members of the cast and crew took some time to speak with the press.

Today, we spotlight the roundtable discussion with Richard T. Jones (James Ellison) and Brian Austin Green (Derek Reese)...

One of the first subjects to come up with the actors concerned the show's take on gender, where the women come off as the strongest heroes surrounded by and often beating men who are twice their size. "It kind of throws the balance off, doesn't it?" Jones says. "We love the fact that they're shaking things up. You look at Cameron, and she's so sweet. You just think she's this precious thing, and you know that she's truly kicking someone's butt, and I think that brings an element to the show that's exciting, because they see a woman that you wouldn't think is tough, and then she comes off. Linda Hamilton looked like she could kick some butt, and now you have these girls who don't look like they could, but they're badder than she was. I think it's a good concept," Jones continues.

Richard T. Jones hopes that his character will be interacting with the women of the show more in Season 2 as well. "I hope so. It's going to happen, because I'm getting closer and closer. They're trying to run from me, but I'm reeling them in like a big fish. Especially you," he says, looking over at Brian Austin Green who is also at the roundtable.

"This is a big season for Ellison," Green says. "So much happened at the end of the last episode, with faith, and what he knows now." Green's tone makes it fairly clear that he's a big fan of the Ellison character. "That was one of my favorite moments of the whole season, was Cromartie and Ellison at the end, when you had the gun and you were loading it. You had that moment," Green tells Jones.

Green could not make it through the roundtable without one reporter asking him about the upcoming return of the one show that made him famous - 90210, where he played the role of David Silver for ten years - and he is asked how he he feels to be creating a new iconic role at the same time this show from his past is coming back. "Yeah, what are the $%#%ing odds of that? Like, thanks, perfect. Just as I'm trying to get away from the show, they pull me in with a new one. Let's talk about my new stuff, and [then there's] this old elephant in the room that won't go away," he jokes, before offering the new cast his sincere wishes. "I wish them the best with the show. I wish all the kids that do it ten years like we had, and I hope for the CW that it's a huge hit, and does the same thing to them that it did with us."

For now, Green seems incredibly happy with the role that Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles has afforded him. "Thank God that it was Derek Reese. Kyle Reese just in himself is such a bad-ass character, and it's one of the greatest characters written, and to be able to play his brother - that was a saving grace. The writers love writing for him, and the fans like seeing him, so it's all a blessing," he says. As for more of Derek's brother, Green hints that there is a possibility that we will see more sequences taking place in the future. "There's always a possibility of more future stuff, and I loved doing it. Jonathan Jackson playing Kyle was great. I think there are a lot of unanswered questions, so we'll see. It's a bigger budget. It's a bigger show. The chances are good," he says.

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