TerminatorSite: The San Diego Chronicles, Part 2: Thomas Dekker & Summer Glau Interview

Following the Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles panel at this year's Comic-Con International in San Diego (where some spoilers were revealed to a packed crowd!), many members of the cast and crew took some time to speak with the press.

Today, we spotlight the roundtable discussion with Thomas Dekker (John Connor) and Summer Glau (Cameron)....

The most notable change, both in previews for Season 2 and in the few promotional shots and appearances that we've seen so far, is that Thomas Dekker's hair as John is much shorter. "The hair thing's weird, because a lot of people ask if it was for [T:SCC] or for the movie I did over the break, where I had to shave my head and shave my eyebrows off and everything," he says. "We've always from day one wanted to have the long hair and then cut it off as another way of stripping away his identity, [but] it was for the movie, originally," he reveals.

"I purposely wanted to play the role in the first season very weak, and hiding behind his hair, and like a little kid," Dekker explains. "We did that on purpose even though we knew it would kind of frustrate a lot of people who wanted to see this savior, [who were asking] 'where is he'? To then in the second season, where he goes through this huge thing that I can't disclose - a bunch of things at the very beginning of the season that change him," he says. This new bolder John Connor will even get to handle some weaponry this year. "I fight people, I shoot people... I wasn't doing it all last year," he teases.

Summer Glau's Cameron will also change as we enter the new season. "After the explosion, Cameron does get damaged, and she's more unpredictable than ever," Glau says. "John already had issues with having someone with him all of the time, trying to protect him, and now he meets a new girl, and he pulls away from Cameron, so that's something that Cameron's really struggling with. I think she's really struggling with jealousy, in a way that a robot can't really feel jealous, but her whole purpose in life is to protect John, and when John takes that away from her, she's lost." Cameron's reactions and evolution are a big part of what separates The Sarah Connor Chronicles from Terminator projects that have come before, though Glau promises that no shortcuts will be taken and that the show will not "sell out." "We really want to stay true to what a Terminator is, and what they should be, but when I took the role I really had a feeling that we were going to go further than any Terminator has before, and I think that that's one of Josh's goals," she confirms.

Cameron's backstory will be fleshed out a bit in the fourth episode of Season Two as the show revisits the future to learn the origins of the character. "That's my favorite episode of Season 2!" Dekker exclaims.

Glau agrees. "I'm so excited about it. I wish I could say things about it, but it's probably the most exciting acting I've ever done," she says.

"You're going to love that episode," Dekker promises. "I read it in a Starbucks, and at one point yelled so loud in shock, and the whole place looked at me like I was a nutcase. It was kind of funny."

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles returns in September on FOX!

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