Review: "Heavy Metal"

By Derek Russell of the SkyNext Podcast

First off – I want to apologize for my lack of reporting the past couple of weeks, seems the flu caught up with me as well as about 50 bajillion others around the US, so I didn’t really follow through with the plans I had to finish my reviews. Plans are for people who are in control of their own lives. I try not to make plans.

That being said, let’s start where we last left off, Heavy Metal.

Anyone else feel like they missed the boat on this one? It just all happened so fast, good episode, great writing, some good action…but I got lost somewhere in it and felt like I never caught up. The direction I thought the episode was going in turned quickly. Cameron’s announcement that Cromartie’s presence was very real. I’m glad Sarah, John, Cameron, (and Josh Friendman) cleared up the whole “Cromartie’s-head-coming-through-the-time-rift” thing very early into the episode for all the doubters. Cameron believes Cromartie is searching for Coltan (an element used for the terminators) to continue his mission to kill John. Sarah plans to run – John plans to fight. Which leads to a barrage of warehouses, shipment trucks, and a new terminator.

I still felt a little like we were missing some elements of Coltan ourselves with this episode. The Connors get thrown on a whirlwind goose chase because of John jumping first instead of looking, and we get thrown down the same rabbit hole.

Dekker did well; John was out of his element and Thomas played it like a trooper. His hero ideal was a bit skewed but it was coming off the heels of not being able to save that girl from killing herself at school and I understood that. If that helps you better understand John’s willingness to infiltrate the shipment to stop these cyborgs from being built, please, take that into consideration. This is the real episode where Summer Glau takes a turn from innocent Cameron into something more. What is it though? Why is Cameron so special and why did John send her back? The one thing this episode accomplished is starting the questions more than ever. I really liked Lena Headey’s drive in this one. Sarah’s search for her son, search for understanding, and an undying hope not to be the one left on the ground with a trail of blood leading to her.

Ellison is getting more confused the closer he gets to the truth. I love it. He is, by far, my favorite character on the show. On the surface, he’s the only one without a hidden agenda. While Sarah, John, and Cameron seem to all have their own path set in their mind, Ellison only wants answers, which unfortunately lead to more questions.

Richard T. Jones is the man. If you haven’t accepted Ellison as your personal FBI agent and savior, get with it. I can’t wait for his breadcrumbs to lead to Sarah’s door. It’s going to be intense if/when that happens. Like everything else, it’s only a matter of time.

Something else I’m going to start adding to this is my favorite scene of the episode. Why? Well, it’s my review – allow me that, please. By far, this episode’s is the truck driver being left in the live mine field by Sarah and Cameron. Brutal. Hilarious.

All in all I feel like this has been the weakest of the season (and I’m editing this even after I’ve seen the sixth episode). While it brings up a lot of new points that further the rest of this season, it threw a lot of things aside for the sake of the episode. I’d rather have exposition over a lot of action that bares little meaning on the hole. The new terminator in idle-mode awaiting J-Day did drive home the suspense for me that I was lacking the rest of the time, so it did make up for where I felt cheated. But the good thing about this show is no matter how much you feel like you might not have likes something, there’s always this ace-in-the-hole redeeming factor that blows you away. A fact that shows this series is fresh, grand, and hopefully as invincible as the Coltan itself.

I give “Heavy Metal” 3 Lazlo Hot Pocket’s out of 5.

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