Review: "Dungeons & Dragons"

By Derek Russell of the SkyNext Podcast


Can we say, Terminator 4? I kept having to remind myself I was sitting in my living room watching “Dungeons and Dragons” this week. What a great hour of television.

The flashbacks/forwards to the future were awesome. The effects were great. The acting was top notch. Where was Richard T. Jones? If only Ellison had been there to join the fun!

The episode chronicles (ha, like that?) the Connors and Charley Dixon fighting to keep Derek Reese alive after Vick the Terminator’s bullet pierced his lung at the end of “Queen’s Gambit”. While in and out of consciousness, Derek flashes back to 2027 during the war with the machines, and conversations with his brother, Kyle.

I love Charley Dixon, he’s the most honest character there is. I know I say Ellison has the least amount of hidden agendas, but Dixon is the one caught up in a curse he can’t pay off. All he wants is the truth, and he doesn’t even need it to help. His dedication to John and Sarah make him so likeable. I think the reason I dig his character so much is because he’s the only one I’d be able to relate to in that position. Ashley Edward Miller, I want to be your dear friend. Amazing words on paper, amazing dialogue for untouchable characters. Best episode to date. Jeff Hunt – I love the future. I don’t want to live there but, it looks like a fun place to visit. Great job to everyone on this episode, I’m sure it was a huge undertaking and everyone from Josh to Almost Human to the lighting guys should break their arms putting themselves on the back for this one.

Now a lot of purists would say showing the future so early in a series would jump the shark. Get over it. I hate only hearing about the war in Terminator stories. Sure, we’ve seen glimpses but I loved the demeanor of everyone in the resistance, witnessing what they’re witnessing, coping to understand, hoping to stay alive.

Everyone had determination this week. John, Cameron, Sarah, Charley, Derek, Kyle – they all had a mission, they all wanted to see something come to fruition. For John it was kinship, for Sarah, a connection. Cameron’s hidden agenda remains…hidden. Derek wants to save his brother, Kyle wants to help John Connor, and Charley wants to understand something and not be freaked the hell out.

Andy Goode. Why can’t you just die? Because it hasn’t happened…yet. Well man, I liked you again until you showed back up in this week’s episode. I loved the “what the hell” moment but I was sure glad WHOEVER shot you in the past did it while they had the chance. Oh, wait, it was Derek? Way to go Derek. Those 90210 kids sure know how to lie and get away with it.

The future is a bleak a picture as it’s ever been painted by anyone that comes from there. While the resistance’s presence is obvious, it’s the machines who have the upper hand. John Connor has “lost” 2 of his best soldiers, sending Kyle Reese back to the 80’s to protect his mother, and Derek Reese and co. to 2007 to pillage and plunder.

This one answered a lot, it gave a lot more questions but its impact was huge and definitely kept me on the edge of my seat. I’m glad Derek killed Andy Goode, not because I wanted to see him die but I was glad that a decision was made and followed through with for once, it’s a hard thing to accomplish on this show. Oh, and Cameron? I’ll figure you out soon. You are a very, scary, robot.

Oh and Charley? The storm’s already here.

“Dungeons & Dragons” gets 6 burning Terminator corpses out of 5.

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