Review: "Queen's Gambit"

By Derek Russell of the SkyNext Podcast

I really, really hate Chess. Probably because I’m not smart enough to play it? I don’t plan far enough ahead in life to map things out like that, it’s just not me. I can play, make no mistake. I just get my bishop handed to me every time. Or Queen, whatever.

If you don’t understand the vernacular, a “queen’s gambit” is the oldest chess move to open a match with – where an opposing teammate counteracts a move by the first player, making his or her queen vulnerable, theoretically.

First off, when they bought this house in 2007, did Sarah throw in an extra hundred bucks for that rusted swing set to work out off of? No matter.

Andy Goode’s back! And I liked him! At the end of episode 1x03 “The Turk”, I was a little more than aggravated with the character. He just didn’t make me believe that he loved his precious Turk as much as he said. It was more like a burden. I finally get to liking Andy this go around and what happens? Somebody shoots him. Figures. Cue the Dallas theme.

Where was Thomas Dekker this go around? I kinda felt like the episode was written and then they were like, “oh wait, we left John out of it,” and had to rewrite around him. Not that that’s a bad thing his role just seemed minimal to me. The parts in the garage and the parking lot seemed specially tailored to give Dekker some lines. And, as always, he did an amazing job with the role – I just didn’t get the relevance this go-around.

Lena was great, the conflict for Sarah was there again and exponentially greater. Do I kill Andy? Does the Turk actually lead to Skynet? Hey, that guy lurking in the shadows looks oddly like that future guy I got it on with in the 80’s! Classic Sarah, with some good one-liners and probably the best monologue delivery of the series to date.

Cameron: I’m befuddled. I mean, really, just when you think you’ve got a girl figured out she’s hiding something from you. This is really the reason I’m watching. I love Terminator, Lena and Thomas are great, as are Richard and Summer – but I want to know what Cameron is more than anything. It’s the real x-factor of the show that’s got me hooked.

And will our mystery man please stand up? Welcome Brian Ausin Green to the Terminator franchise ladies and gentlemen, his introduction is a bumpy one. I love the reveal though, I’m so glad he didn’t end up being Kyle Reese and even more glad he’s not a future John sent back. Uncle Derek is much better. No relation. Can’t wait to see what else he brings to the story with only 4 episodes remaining for this season.

All in all – a great episode, and a good companion piece to “The Turk” which equally made me like that episode better as well. If “Heavy Metal” hadn’t been shoved between the two I’d have been a lot happier with the end result.

Favorite scene? Our new Terminator, Vick, assaults a cop to get himself arrested. Classic.

“Queen’s Gambit” gets 4 Vick Chip’s out of 5.

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